Meet Our Esteemed Jury

NL Startup Competition is fueled by innovation, driven by passion, and guided by expertise. Meet the brilliant minds shaping the future of startups across the Netherlands.

Jury Members

Our professional jury brings together a diverse range of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. They possess the insight, experience, and dedication to recognize excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Renée Rotmans

Port of Rotterdam

Oscar van Veen

Port of Rotterdam

Martine van Selm

Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

Marco Molling

V.O. Patents and Trademarks

Marielle Chartier

Port of Rotterdam

Dewi Wesselman


Liduina Hammer

Polestar Capital

Tobias Gutleb


Jan Borghuis


Jarell Habets


Maike Akkers

Port of Rotterdam

Subodha Perera


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