What is the NL Startup Competition all about?

The NL Startup Competition is a regional event in the Netherlands aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. Startups from various sectors can apply across four categories: Social, Energy Transition, Digital, and Circular/Sustainable.

Participating startups have the chance to win €10,000 in prize money. In addition, one of the 4 categories’ winners win an entry ticket to Entrepreneurship World Cup in Saudi Arabia where you compete for a share of $1 million in cash prizes. And, winners of all four categories will secure a hotlap around Circuit Zandvoort in one of Porsche’s cutting-edge electric cars. Participants will also gain access to exclusive rewards such as mentorship opportunities, networking with experts, and potential investor contacts.

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Once selected, participating startups will have the opportunity to present their pitches to a panel of judges and compete for the prize money. They will also gain access to the various rewards and benefits offered by the NL Startup Competition organizers. Details and briefing will follow.

The competition is open to startups based in the Netherlands, across all stages of development, that align with one of the four categories: Social, Energy Transition, Digital, or Circular/Sustainable.

Winners are selected based on the strength of their pitches, the innovation and potential impact of their ideas, and their alignment with the respective category themes. Judges will evaluate each startup’s presentation and determine the winners accordingly.

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