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Participate in the very first NL Startup Competition and pitch your startup for prize money, a valuable network and knowledge.

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Join us in celebrating the success of the first NL Startup Competition! Our first edition showcased exceptional startups dedicated to social impact, energy transition, digital progress, and sustainability.

We are proud to announce that ChatLicense emerged as the overall winner of the NL Startup Competition. They have been selected to participate in the Top 250 Bootcamp for the Entrepreneurial World Cup. Read more about their achievement here.

Join us as we reflect on the success stories and prepare for the next chapter.  Stay updated on upcoming opportunities and be part of our vibrant community driving innovation forward.

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27 & 28 of May 2025

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Revealed: The 2024 NL Startup Competition Winners. Find out more about the winners and the Grand Finale of NL Startup Competition!


We are proud to announce the winners of the first NL Startup Competition.

Drive positive change and tackle pressing societal issues head-on.

Transform industries with cutting-edge tech solutions that streamline processes and improve experiences.

Lead the charge towards a sustainable future with innovative energy solutions.

Promote environmental health by rethinking how we use and reuse resources.

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Driving entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.


Driving entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.

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